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WJ Martin studies Old Masters technique with Johnnie Liliedahl

In November 2005 W J Martin went to La Porte Texas to study the Flemish method in the Old Masters technique. He studied with Johnnie Liliedahl who is famous for her instruction as well as her own creations. The roots of the Flemish style go back to the Renaissance with Raphael, Rubens, Rembrandt, Vermeer and Van Dyke as well-known practitioners of this method. It is based on the use of the bistre, or brownish, transparent under painting to establish the value or tonal range of the subject. In the hands of the masters listed above, it provided a subtle, warm neutral base as a foil for the brilliant color of Vermeer, the bravura brushwork of Rembrandt, and the sumptuous flesh tones of Raphael and Rubens. The painting under the "Narrative" link is a result of this experience.

WJ Martin awarded one of the top Emerging Artists of North Carolina
Several works by W J Martin were entered into a juried competition in the emerging artists category. He was selected as one of  eleven artists to win in this category. The areas considered in this competition included sculpture, woodworking, jewelry,ceramics, watercolor, oil and acrylics. To be one of the eleven chosen given the diverse categories was truly an honor. A book of the results was published entitled Best of Artist and Artisans of NC was published by Kennedy Promotions and will be available at Barnes and Noble as well as on-line at W J Martin has entered several works in a national competition and the judges decisions will be later on in 2006.
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