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Welcome to my Web site!

I have created this website in order to share with my family and friends my interest in painting. These paintings are for sale with or without a frame. If there are special requests then they will be considered on an individual basis. The basis of the request is mainly a function of my ability as opposed to the subject!!

As most of you that know me know I have an interest in the culinary arts but once it is ingested there is nothing left to show for it besides smiles! Thus, by creating on canvas there is at least a long lasting, tangible product to share or snicker depending on ones impression.

Click here to contact the artist, or request a quote or a special commission.

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bulletFramed Florals
bulletUnframed Florals
bulletFramed Landscapes
bulletUnframed Landscapes
If you would like to contact the artist to request a quote or special commission, or for other information, click the link below.

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